Not that long ago I pointed to a set of free plugins that my buddy Patrick Sheffield made for Final Cut Pro:


-Two Strip Technicolor
-Three Strip Technicolor
-Three Strip EXTREME
-Convolve Toy
-Captain’s Blowout Fixer

Now he has added TWO MORE plugins to the list. While they aren’t free, they do wonderful things that make them worth the purchase:

Sheffield Softworks

They include the EMA, “ELECTRONIC MAKEUP ARTIST.” This plugin will smooth out the wrinkles and blemishes on the skin of your subject, while leaving the rest of the picture untouched. The example has a picture of Lauren Bacall, and man, does it make her look young! The price? $149. WELL worth it. Make the bride’s mother look like the bride’s sister in the wedding video.

GRAPHIC NOVEL LOOK – This plugin makes your footage look like artwork. Along the same vein as what you see with Linklater’s films like SCANNER DARKLY and WAKING LIFE…pretty darn neat. This one goes for $49…which is a bargain because I have seen other plugins that do similar looks (Toon It) at a much higher cost. I am looking for an excuse to use this one.

I am sure my mother will appreciate my home movies more after I apply the EMA plugin.