OK…I FINALLY got my copy of Final Cut Studio 2. And yes, I was EAGER to install it. But…I am still in the middle of a project. Well, near the END of a project…one that I will be outputting on Wednesday. So, what am I to do? Let the box sit there and nag at me quietly?


So, I installed it. BUT…I did something first.

First thing I did was move things off my secondary internal hard drive onto one of my G-Raids. I was using it as a scratch drive for my personal home movies, and to back up edited exported movies. So the move was easy. When that was done, I used the Disk Utility and WIPED THE SUCKER CLEAN! Then I installed the software from my G5, the original install disk, onto that drive, then upgraded to OSX 10.4 with the included update disk, then ran all the software updates to get me to the most current version of everything. OS 10.4.10, QT 7.1.6, itunes 7.3…the whole shibang. Then I installed FCS 2…everything. That took a few hours, and all the while I was building the credit bed for my current show on my Powerbook…nice having two machines! Then I used the Software Updater to get all the updates to FCS2…all the .01 updates. Then I installed a few of my other applications, like Shake 4.1, Firefox, Quicksilver (can’t live without that!), OpenOffice (forget Microsoft!), After Effects, Photoshop…the usual gang.

So now I am looking at a nice clean install of everything. And I still have my old setup on the OTHER internal drive. So I can work on new projects with FCS2, and still work on my old ones on FCP 5.1.4. I really think this is the way to do it. When I am sure everything is running smoothly and I am sure I transferred everything from my other drive, I’ll wipe it and copy those personal projects back (I have two 250GB drives…I know, I know)…or maybe I’ll just keep the old version on there until the NEXT upgrade and install FCS3 on that. Who knows!

Anyway…that is my tip for the day…week…month…whathaveyou.

EDIT: Anonymous Jim commented that it is best to download the combo update installers from the website rather than using the Software Update. He says “The bulds for each OS on disc and software update and from Apple’s site are all different. Always update by downloading the combo installers…never touch software update app.”

Thanks Jim.