Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while…I am just darn busy. I an trying to wrap up post on Andrew Jackson (color correction, OMF export, putting in the full res pictures and doing moves on them, editing 4 short ipod pieces, then getting ready for the mix and layback) all while I am now working at my NEW job, a Discovery channel show about surgeons saving peoples lives…that is editing on an Avid.

Yes…Avid. Meridian v11…on a G4 running OS9 no less.

There are MAJOR differences, of course. And I really have to try to get my Avid legs back. But there are some key features that I miss in FCP…most tied to media management, but a few others. And there are LOTS of things I miss about FCP. I’ll have to go into more detail AFTER Andrew Jackson delivers and I have an evening to sit down and write.

Unlike Mike Curtis, I cannot spit out 3 pages of content in 5 minutes. Try as I might.

More after next week ends. I’ll try put news and other stuff up so that you aren’t TOO disappointed to visit my site and see the same posting from a week ago. I know I hate visiting peoples sites and seeing that it hadn’t been updated in a while.