I finally locked picture on Andrew Jackson for The History Channel. Locked picture, in case you don’t know, means that I am done editing the video. The show is cut to the exact timing required by the network. In case you are wondering what my 90-min timeline looks like, here it is:


When I cut the show, I don’t work on one big timeline like this. I break up the show by Act…so the computer doesn’t slow down…ah but I am going into details that I cover in my tutorial DVD. Click on the link on the right to order that. (shameless sales plug)

Now I have to prep it for audio sweetening…mixing. For this I will send the audio Act by Act to the mixer. When he is done I’ll import his mix, sync it to my picture and verify that sync doesn’t drift, then output it to tape.

I also am beginning the color correction phase. For this I will be using Colorista by Red Giant Software. I found that it handles extreme changes in color better. And the ability to have “secondaries” where I can adjust small areas of the picture is also a huge plus. I’ll have to go into that in more detail later….giving examples of each. Well, Stu, the author of this plugin, already did. But when I am done I’ll have to give a detailed explaination of my impressions of it.

OK…I have a LOT of clips to color correct…as you can see. I gotta get back.