OK…I am WAY late on announcing this. I mean, Matt Jeppsen of FresHDV gave me a heads up, blogged about it…and I looked at it and commented that I thought it was COOL! But I wrote nothing. Then of course Mike Curtis of HDforINDIES blogged about it not only once, but TWICE! Maybe I should follow Mike’s example and find some interns. HA!

Digital Production Buzz, the FCP-L forums…LAFCPUG…man. I am so slow.

Well, if you haven’t read about it in any of those places, and I am your only guide (which really would be sad…read the other guys too)…then here it is:


And in case you didn’t read about it on all the links I posted, it is an I/O box that connects via Firewire 400 or Firewire 800, and can capture from a variety of formats and capture into a variety of codecs…most notably DVCPRO HD. This is a driect competitor to the AJA I/O HD (which I ALSO failed to blog about…bad Shane…bad bad), only it doesn’t have a hardware ProRes 422 encoder built in. But it does have more advanced audio I/O…which makes sense, coming from an audio equipment manufacturer.

The V3HD is CROSS PLATFORM! Meaning that it works for both Mac and PC…so you can use it with FCP or Premeire (possibly other PC NLEs) The device can be controlled via software or via a knob on the front. And you need not have it connected to a computer to do a lot of the conversions. It also is a standalone converter box with no computer connection required. The input volume monitoring, input and output levels are controlled vua that same knob on the front. It has timecode display and audio meters…so a little MORE functionality than the AJA unit.

Here are the video I/O specs from MOTU:

• 1 x HD-SDI in and out (4:2:2 10-bit) on independent BNC connectors
• 1 x SD-SDI in and out (4:2:2 10-bit) on independent BNC connectors
• 1 x extra HD-SDI output connector
• 1 x extra SD-SDI output connector
• 1 x HDMI output (4:2:2 10-bit, YCbCr or RGB)
• Support for DVI output with HDMI-to-DVI adapter (sold separately)
• 1 x HD component in and out (10-bit, YPbPr or RGB) on independent BNCs
• 1 x SD component in and out (10-bit, YPbPr or RGB) on independent BNCs
• 1 x composite in and out (10-bit)
• 1 x S-video in and out (10-bit)
• 1 x 400 Mbit (1394) FireWire A
• 2 x 800 Mbit (1394b) FireWire B

No pricing as of yet…but a target release date in the 3rd quarter…so…soonish.

Looks sweet. I know it doesn’t do ProRes, but it does just about everything else, and I can transcode to ProRes later if I want. I like the audio options…I like the timecode display and knob (more than just pretty lights on the front)…and it is rack mountable. Where the I/O HD pushes how portable it is…this is designed to be stationary. Still…I like the look of it. And I love competition.