Marcus van Bavel…the creator of the Raylight plugin for Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, on the PC side of editing applications, has just announced the release of Raylight 1.0 for the Mac.


What does Raylight do? Well it allows your editing system to see and work with MXF files (such as those created by the HVX-200 camera) NATIVELY. Meaning that you don’t need to convert the footage to QT before you can work with it. You insert the P2 card, or connect the drive with all the P2 footage backed up to it and within seconds you can see the files and begin editing them.

This is VERY handy if you need to start editing right away. I still recommend editing with backups of these files…have the masters stored somewhere…JUST IN CASE. I’ll be playing with this plugin over the next week or two and report back. But after hearing from editors that use Premeire and Vegas, this plugin is very handy.