Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I went camping for 3 days this weekend, where I cut the dickens out of my right index finger while carving a boat for my kids…doing a particularly STUPID thing, so all my fault (next time I get a knife that LOCKS open). It is in a splint, so typing is a task, to say the least. I can’t wait to start editing again…I lost the finger that presses the J key (to play in reverse) and I (to mark IN).

I have been busy working on two jobs. Finishing my current show for the History Channel and working at another company color correcting. It is working at the other company that brings me to my current thought…because the company is a BIG one with a lot going on.

Assistant editors. They are the backbone of a large production house. They handle the tapes, often label and organize them, then capture the footage and organize it. So they know what you have and where it is. AND, they know how the edit systems work…they have to be VERY technically minded. Because the editors have to be very creatively focused and often times can’t be bothered with technical issues. They are the backbone of the post section of the facility.

And I should know, I was an assistant. I was the backbone of a facility…well, part of the backbone. One of many…4 assistants for the 10 editors on staff. And I have been the only guy on a show managing two editors.

But recently I have been acting as my own assistant. A small show that can’t afford to hire an editor AND assistant. So I capture my own footage and organize it…which is good, because I then know where it is and what I have. These are small productions that really don’t need assistant editors. But going back to a big facility means having assistants. which is a good thing. Because without them there, I would be completely lost. Going to the company means that I need to figure out how they do things. And the other editors are busy doing their thing. And while the assistants are busy, they are available to help me, and they know EVERYTHING. They know what my project settings need to be, where the media is what graphics package needs to go into the show, who to call if THEY don’t know the answers.

And not only that, much of the busy work on the cut, blurring out faces or logos, fixing lower thirds, building the credits…THEY DO. I just sit myself down and color correct.

Man, I can see myself getting spoiled…fast.

Seriously, this is a shout out to all the hard working assistant editors who put in long hours and do most of the boring work. Thank you…we appreciate you. I do anyway.