Now, I have used my iPod for a variety of things.

– As a music player…as it was designed.
– As a hard drive to store all my sound effects that I can take with me from job to job.
– As a stop watch (built in option)
– As a flash light (I couldn’t find mine when I needed to go digging thru the attic, and my iPod Video has a VERY bright screen.)
– As a place to store my Demo Reel that I can show people I meet…although I have yet to do that.

Other uses I have heard others doing are recording audio, like dictation or interviews (with a third party attachment)…and cheating on exams.

But this has to be one of most clever uses I have ever heard of:

iPod Timecode Slate

Using a video iPod as a visual timecode slate to sync not only audio, but to also provide AUX timecode to clips so that you can multi-clip them using said timecode. Sheer brilliance.

Oh, there is a GOTCHA that you need to look out for…Scott points that out on a follow-up:

iPod Slate GOTCHA!

Man, I gotta get back into production more. I miss it.