This article was posted on FRESHDV and caught my attention. As it should, I use P2 cameras in production. I’m glad that Matt is out there finding this stuff…I sure ain’t. Working on this cut and all. OH, and I was in Phoenix this weekend. DEAD tired.

ANYWAY…Here is the original article:


Basically is states that an 8GB SD card was released costing $190. And yet Panasonics 8GB card is $1200. Why the price difference? Well, they state that Panasonic has “external hardware” that makes them justify the price. Well, no, that ain’t it. There are 4 RAIDED SD cards in one P2 card…so take that $190 and multiply it by four. Then add the specially designed external case to make it rugged, all the electronics needed to make those cards record HD footage…Research and development…oh…all the things that Mike Curtis pointed out in a comment on the FresHDV site.

Here is the FresHDV post with a great comment by Mike Curtis:

But I do agree with Mike…the cost of the cards should fluctuate with the market price of the components used within. I know they did lower the price once…and they probably will again when the new cards come out. Only time will tell.

Still, the point I want to make is that a P2 card isn’t just a simple thing. It isn’t just 4 SD cards in a PCMCIA case. There is a lot going on to get the ability to record HD onto this. Yes, it is expensive technology…and yes, I’d like to see lower prices. Until then I am glad there are alternatives out there…albeit not cheap themselves. But more so than the P2 cards, based on storage capacity.

Thanks for finding that Matt.