The Apple 23″ Cinema Display finally arrived today. So I can finally dig into the Matrox MXO test. Unfortunately not this weekend as we will be in Phoenix watching Flogging Molly…on St. Patrick’s Day. Kids in tow so I doubt we’ll be drinking much.

ANYWAY…so I had this monitor sitting here and I got to thinking. My Dell’s have a component in, and my Kona LH has component outs, so I could use one of the Dells as my reference monitor (not broadcast colors, but still a nice image), as it is much bigger than my 14″ HD CRT. And I could use the Apple 23″ as my timeline/canvas/viewer window, and my other Dell for the bins. Hmmmm…

So I sandwiched the Apple between the Dells (I had to prop it up with my FCP 3 box, as the height doesn’t adjust) and stood back.

Well, that looks NICE. But then I sat down close to them. To look at what was going on with all three monitors I really had to move my head from side to side. I felt like I was watching a tennis match. After a while I am sure my neck would hate me. So I went back to my usual setup.

Ahhh. Two 24″ monitors is my limit.