John Wainwright, the guy that brought you PAN AND ZOOM for doing movement on stills in Final Cut Pro, announes the release of the Lyric Final Cut Filters. To quote the site:

“The Lyric Final Cut Effects Kit contains over 50 powerful video effect filters. It includes 15 new matte filters, updated versions of common built-in effects that can be controlled by mattes or alpha-channels, and a range of 30 special-effects filters for image-correction, photographic effects and other stylized effects.”

And to quote the man:

“They were initially inspired by my experiences with Photoshop and the techniques you use in it with digital photography, particularly effect masking and image self-compositing.”

So if you are a big fan of Photoshop and wanted to do some of the neat things in FCP that you could in PS, than you should try these out.

They are compatible with Final Cut Pro v4, HD & v5 and Final Cut Express v3 & HD on PowerPC (G4, G5) and Intel Macs.

They can be found here: FINAL CUT EFFECTS. They are available for $79 (introductory price), and have a gallery of what the effects look like and also offer a demo version.

I particularly like the look of the Water Color set. People always wanting to make their video look like drawings or paintings. I can’t wait to try that one out. See what my kids look like as moving art.