Watching the Oscars got me to thinking about the films that I made. A grand total of TWO…not counting stuff I made in film school. These were made independently.

The first on was made my final semister at film school in 1995, using leftover 16mm film from four fellow students. Shot in Washington DC over 2 days, and starring my wife…at the time my fianceé.

the secret agent:

This second was shot in 2005 (sheesh…10 YEARS!!) and was a part of a 20 film series where one person started a story, then another person picked up where that one left off, and so on. Mine was the fourth in the series, and made to stand on it’s own. Starring a couple of young actors I had the pleasure to work with on a couple TV series; Francesca Catalano and AJ Trauth.

I Don’t Know: