Production on ANDREW JACKSON (the show I am currently cutting for The History Channel) has wrapped, for now. Barring any pickup shoots, that is.

I have 74 DVCPRO HD tapes…each 30 min long. 44 of them are interviews for 22 hours…30 of them are recreation tapes totalling 15 hours. 45 hours on tape.

We hit 100 four GB P2 cards…each holding about 11 min per card totalling 18.33 hours.

Grand total…63.33 hours. But I mentioned that.

How much space has this taken? Dunno yet. Haven’t captured the last 4 days worth of tapes and P2 cards. But I’ll let you know. The tapes held a combination of 720p60 and 720p24 footage. The 720p60 at 59.94 for use as slow motion. And of course it will take up more than twice as much space as the 720p24 at 23.98.

I have a busy weekend of logging, capturing, naming and organizing to do. Then I have two weeks to finish the rough cut. So far I am on schedule. While Acts 4 and 5 (of a nine act show…90 min for two hours of air time) took me a week each to edit, that was because they both had two or three battle scenes. THOSE take a while. The other acts are much more straightforward and editing on them progresses much quicker.

I am storing this footage on two CalDigit S2VR Duo units. One is 1.5TB, the other 500GB, for a total of 2TB. I have all this footage backed up on my Dark Tower Raid (2.5TB). All the P2 source files are stored on one of my G-Raid 500GB drives, and also on a 500GB drive my producer owns. We are redundant. But this is good. If a drive fails for any reason, copying over the footage is much faster than recapturing…and cheaper too.

I’ll get the storage numbers posted by Monday.

EDIT: OK, so it is WEDNESDAY…forgive me. The media takes up 1.14TB of storage. I have an additional 400MB of material on the drive including Music, Sound Effects, Graphic show elements and Stills.