Graeme Nattress, the man who brought us Film Effects that made regular video have the feel of film and Standards Conversion that allows us to convert PAL to NTSC and visa versa, has announced the release of the Big Bag of Tricks. This is a HUGE collection of plugins that encompasses Set 1 and Set 2…with a few more thrown in for good measure. It includes image effects, transitions, levels and curves, noise reduction, time tools, TV effects…too many plugins to mention. Included is a PDF manual that talks about all the effects and how they work.

It costs $100 and is available now at

Set 1 and Set 2 have been discontinued, and owners of te individual sets can purchase an upgrade, and owners of both can upgrade to the BBOT for free!

I like Graeme…he gave me a t-shirt. And helped me make my own “plugins.” Now he is busy coding for the RED camera, so that we can work with the footage it shoots. And I thought that I was busy.