AJA Kona 3X

This is HUGE. The Kona 3, which used to be only available for the Quad Macs and Mac Intels that sported the PCI-e architecture, is now available for the older PCI-X machines. Looks like this replaces the Kona 2, which is no longer offered.

What is so huge about this is that now I, on my PCI-X machine, can get a Kona 3 and use it to output my show. I edit 720p23.98, but am required to output 1080p23.98 to D5 or HDCAM…cross converting like this was something that only the Kona 3 could do. Well, it still is the Kona 3…but now available for the PCI-X macs.

Thank you AJA!

EDIT: Here is the press release that AJA posted at the Creative Cow:


We are pleased to announce a PCI-X version of the incredibly popular KONA 3, the KONA 3X.

KONA 3X is available now, in stock and ready to ship.

KONA 3X is identical to the KONA 3 in terms of function and cabling, its only difference being it is a PCI-X 133 card, whereas the KONA 3 is a 4-lane PCIe (PCI Express) card. KONA 3X is perfect for use in PCI-X Apple G5 systems, as well as with the new Apple XServe (with the addition of an optional Apple bracket, see below).

Again, all of the features found on the KONA 3 are identical to what is found on the KONA 3X. The best way to think of it is it is the PCI-X version of KONA 3, with all of the same features, cabling, and K3-BOX options. Now, G5 owners can have features previously only found on the Mac Pro and PCIe G5’s via the KONA 3, such as HD to HD cross-conversion, 2K HSDL I/O, real 2K workflows, 1080p/60, and HD video+key.

KONA 3X can also be used in the new Intel-based Xserve’s, bringing all of its unique features to that platform. The new Xserve can be configured with an optional PCI-X adapter. Detailed Apple part numbers and setup information can be found in the KONA 3X Read-Me supplied in the box, as well as here for your convenience:


$2990.00 US MSRP

$299.00 US MSRP

Available now!




Effective immediately, the KONA 2 is discontinued and not available for purchase. It has been replaced by the new and more powerful KONA 3X.

Of course, KONA 2 will continue to be fully supported by AJA, and units will remain in our inventory for any service issues, etc.

Upon it’s introduction, KONA 2 represented a major step forward in editing on the Mac. Now, KONA 3 and KONA 3X are the new standard by which all other cards are measured!