I saw this post on the Creative Cow:


And then he e-mailed me asking if I knew the solution to his problem. I am sorry to say that I did not.

What was the problem? Well, it was an issue with the P2 Genie. The problem is, P2 Genie doesn’t tell you if your drive is filled up, and instead operates as if everything is normal. So you can have it run thru its paces of copying, but it won’t, because the drive is full. And again, it doesn’t warn you that it is full. So three cards of information wasn’t transferred before they caught this. The cards were erased, but not reused, in case he could try to recover the information on them.

ANYWAY…this is a major flaw in the normally outstanding software. Anders (the author) knows about this but offers no immediate fix, stating rather that the fix will be addressed by NAB…in April.

So please, monitor your hard drive and make sure it isn’t filling up.