So I am cutting a scene and cannot find a section that is in the script…Sam Houston dragged from the field, wounded. “OK,” I say to myself. “They just didn’t shoot that and wanted me to just edit more battle footage. Odd, but…OK.” So I am cutting along when I see at the tail end of a clip, Sam Houston wounded on the ground and men poised to drag him from the field…but only 3 seconds. So I look in my Dailies bin and sure enough, there is a hole in the TC. One clip ends at 6:13:49:00 and the next one starts at 6:18:38:00. I am missing 5 min.

And I know what happened. I caught myself doing it a few times. I marked IN and OUT and named the clip, BUT DIDN’T HIT “LOG CLIP.” So I just moved on, marked IN and OUT and logged the NEXT clip. GAH.

So…I can’t do a darned thing except put a bit of text that says FOOTAGE TO COME: SAM HOUSTON DRAGGED FROM FIELD. When the next batch of footage comes in (thank goodness there is a next batch) then I can capture that part.

BUT…If I had only P2 footage to worry about, I’d simply plug in the drive with all MXF backups and import the missing one. But with the Varicam footage, I have to rent a deck and go pick it up, then use it, drop it off. Time consuming and costing money.

So…to steal a tennis phrase…”Advantage HVX.”