I always wanted to have something named after me. Like “the Ken Burns Effect” (which HE didn’t invent, BTW), so I guess I can try to coin this P2 workflow from the field to archiving as “the Shane Method,” since I figured it out. Or am I being too full of myself?

ANYWAY…Here it is, in a nutshell.

In the field, copy from the P2 card (or Firestore if that is your device) to external FIELD drives. Typically small bus powered drives like Acomdata Ondago drives or LaCie Porche drives that I attach to my laptop. I use P2 Genie (www.p2genie) because it automates the process. Insert a card and it creates a new folder, names it (you set the folder names) and copies over the files. Lickidy split.

Then when we get back to the office, we offload those drives to a 1TB G-Raid for INTERMEDIATE storage. For the duration of the project, they remain on this drive. Then I import from that G-Raid onto my SATA Raid and use the imported files for editing. The G-Raid sits in waiting for the duration of the project. When editing is completed and masters sent off, I then take the files off the expensive G-Raid ($1099 for 1TB) and currently put them onto four or more (if needed) BARE SATA drives. $60-$80 each. Total of $240-$320. I connect the drives to my computer either with an empty firewire case, or with this $14 cable:


I then wrap those back in their drive plastic, and store them on my shelf.

I am, however, looking into the CalDigit Firewire VR unit as a solution (www.caldigit.com). This unit connects via firewire 400, 800 and usb 2.0…and the drives are removable. When you order replacements they ship with them a storage box that you can put both drives into, label on the side (there are spaces for you to do so) and the fit on a VHS sized shelf. PERFECT for archiving. And the cost of the drive modules is only slightly more than the bare drives.

BUT…I might wait to see what Blu-Ray has to offer. LaCie is coming out with one soon. That might be a bit more ecomonical, and sturdy. Or HD-DVD for DATA backup.

We’ll see what the future has in store.