OK. Not really. But I actually like that 80’s song and it is SORTA true.

I will be appearing on Phil Hodgett’s Digital Production Buzz (http://www.digitalproductionbuzz.com) on Feb 8th. This podcast can be found on iTunes.

What will I be talking about? Not sure. Perhaps working with P2, or DVCPRO HD, or the workflow I use to get from P2 to D5 and digibeta for broadcast delivery. Perhaps my elbow rubbing with Oliver Stone on my first film job, thus making me ONE degree of separation from Kevin Bacon…and other famous folk and world leaders. I won’t be touching on my stints on WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK or AMERICA’S FUNNIES HOME VIDEOS, because really, are they all that interesting? I was the TAPE VAULT MANAGER…so no, they weren’t.

Listen in and hear what I sound like. I hope not to ramble much. I am apt to do that.