I have always been worried about how I had my RAID tower connected to my G5. Having those wires feeding out thru the back:

Look here

Because the connections were internal on BOTH towers, connecting them and moving just one meant…well, it was a production let me tell you. So I wanted to have some way of getting the 4 internal SATA connections onto the outside via a bridge of some sort, so that I could simply unplug the wires…like I should be able to.

I went to one of my favorite window shopping sites, MacGurus (the first place I know of that started selling SATA Raids, BTW) and found this wonderful unit:


I slapped it in there, strung the short SATA cables to the top 4 sots, then connected it to the tower and ZIOLÁ! And it only cost another $24.

I know my solution isn’t as elegant as a port multiplication unit, like the CalDigit drive solutions are, but it works for what I need right now. And is what I can afford right now. When I get a series, or after I finally pay off this system, I’ll invest in a CalDigit HD Raid. Until then, I’ll use this tower as backup to the two S2VR units I am editing on to review for CalDigit. So far…I’m loving them. But I still like my tower. It beat them in terms of quietness.