The day after I posted the numbers I was getting from the CalDigit S2VR unit I am reviewing, I received a conference call from the guys at CalDigit. They didn’t like the numbers. I was confused at first, thinking that they were wondering how I got such high numbers. Because I was impressed with my results. But no, that wasn’t it. My numbers were too LOW. I should be getting much faster transfer speeds and they wanted to help me figure out what I did wrong.

Let my list the computer specs of the G5 that the unit is attached to.

Dual 2Ghz G5, 3GB RAM, no other cards installed other than the CalDigit controller card, which is located in Bay 4.

When I first configured this unit, I used the S2VR Configuration software that came with the drives. The RAID setting I chose was JBOD, or Just a Bunch of Drives. Then I used the Disk Utility to RAID the drives as a Striped Set (RAID 0) and there I had it. Apparently I did it wrong. But that is the configuration the documentations picture indicated…JBOD.

I was told by the guys at CalDigit that I needed to use the configuration software and select PERFORMANCE when I create the RAID. And I did. Then, instead of using the Disk Utility to create the Raid I used it to create one partition. Then the drives showed up as one.

I ran the test again.

For DVCPRO HD 720p60 1 GB file, I got:
Write: 146.6 MB/s
Read 144.4 MB/s

CONSIDERABLE difference. Wow. Just to check I went back and reconfigured it as a JBOD and striped using the Disk Utility and ran the test again. I got similiar numbers to the ones above.

Huh…I think I did something wrong the first time. I must have…those are far bigger numbers than what I initially received.

Anyway, those are the numbers I am getting now, close to 140 MB/s with all the formats I tested…just what the guys say I should be getting. To be fair, when I ran the first test (Using the AJA KONA System Test) the S2VR Duo unit had 338 GB of footage on it…and it is a 500GB unit. So the unit was 67% full at the time. The above numbers reflect what I am getting with an empty drive. I will copy over the files again from my main system and run the test again…see what the numbers say then.

OK…I copied the footage back. 338GB of footage. Again, the unit is 67% full. I ran the test again.

DVCPRO HD 720p60 1 GB file:
Write: 109.1 MB/s
Read 105.0 MB/s

Uncompressed 10-bit SD 1 GB file:
Write: 109.2 MB/s
Read 108.1 MB/s

So those numbers are closer to what I got in my original tests, but slightly higher. So I think that initially I did do something wrong when I first formatted the drive. But it also shows that drive performance does indeed dip lower the fuller the drive gets. Still, those are very acceptable numbers. Great numbers in fact. I can get several streams (layers of video) with those numbers. I’ll have to test how many in the coming weeks.