I will be attending MacWorld. I was debating whether or not to go, but I was given an offer that gets me there, and pays me to be there.

I will be working the CalDigit booth.

Now, this by no means will sway my opinion of their product. I am still evaluating it. And they are paying me to pass along information and compare their product with others I have experience with. They aren’t giving me the model I am testing, it is a loaner. I am being compensated for my time. I did the same thing for Panasonic at NAB. However, at that time I knew the P2 card and the workflow rather well. This time I just received the product and will have yet to run it thru the paces as the majority of heavy editing will occur AFTER MacWorld. I will only get a rough outline done by that time.

I mention this so that people don’t think I am hiding anything. And also to remind people that I am a working professional and not a journalist. I don’t get paid to operate this blog. I do this to educate others. I don’t get a bunch of free things to test and keep. Because I work in “real world” situations, I am asked to test a few things on occassion to see how they measure up.

Just as an aside, yet something that is related to this…I push the G-Raid drives heavily. Because the ones I have performed so well. I have yet to recieve anything from G-Technology.

ANYWAY…back to this tutorial DVD that I have been putting off for TOO long.