The cable issue has me worried. They are stretches a bit far for my taste, and really, they aren’t shielded external cables, but internal cables that I am taking “out of the box.” While they are cheaper than external cables, cheaper isn’t always a good thing.

So…I am thinking of adding a couple components.

First, two of these(2x$40=$80):

Then the cable to go between them ($60):

This will allow me to connect four of the internal cables to an external converter, then have a looooong 6ft reach. MUCH better. This does increase the cost of the Tower to $255. Still cheaper than the $500 5-drive arrays out there, and about as much as a few I found for $250-$350. The big plus for me still is the fact that it is quiet. Cutting down on edit room noise is a good thing. A GREAT thing actually. Better for one who does all the temp VO (like I do), better to hear your footage…better for your ears in general.

If I didn’t already have the Tempo 4+4 card, I’d be exploring Multiport options. Multiport options for this would include a drive cage or two. Maybe later, after I pay off my current system, I’ll explore those options. Or any new one that might have reared it’s ugly head.