So I had a light workday Sunday, and I had today (Monday) off, so…well…I decided to move the Popsicle Raid into the Quiet Case. I fIgured that, well, if it didn’t work, I could put it back and go in Monday night and copy over all the footage again. With Gigabit Ethernet it would only take a few hours. So yes, it is ill adviced to do anything MID PROJECT, but I figured this wasn’t the only media, but just a copy of the footage. If it failed it wasn’t the end of the world. I could just go back to working at the office, or copy over the footage. I would NEVER have done this if this was the only copy of the media. And I stress that others do not as well.

So, it is working. And soon I will post my entire workflow for how I did it, with pics. Let me just say now that I wish I had gotten longer SATA cables. The place I ordered the cables from had 40″ as their max length. I would like to have 6′ cables…but those only come in the EXTERNAL cables. Really, why would you need 6′ INTERNAL cables? Well, I did. Because I had 4 internal SATA connections. Yes, I had 4 external ones too, but the internal cables are cheaper, and I am connecting 6 drives to this SATA card, so…I’ll get into that later.

Let me just say that it is very quiet. Extremely quiet. My G5 is louder. And the RAID array came right up and FCP opened up and found all the media.

OK…back to enjoying my day off. More later.