It was Christmas in November for me. A whole bunch of things arrived today. The silent PC case arrived, my SATA cables arrived, the new 500GB Hitachi drive arrived (so that I can have a 5 drive array for a total of 2.5TB and over 350MB/s read/write)…and a new iPod arrived today.

Yes…it was a HAPPY day. The iPod was for some consulting I am doing. I jokingly asked for an iPod and I got one. Hee. I needed a new one anyway. THANKS!

Now, I am not going to be installing anything in this case just yet. Not until mid December. Why? Well, currently I am working on a show and using those drives so that I can edit at home. I don’t want to risk losing the RAID and all the data by moving the drives.

Besides, I ordered the wrong size SATA Cables. I got 20″ unstead of 40″. Too short.

But the case looks cool. Soon…soon I will have my RAID.


I just crashed…hard. The edit machine. Took a big of finagling to get it to chime and start up. When I opened my project…I had lost 2 hours of work. DOH! Oh, wait…the autosave vault. Whew…only…crud, I lost a half an hour of work. OK…not bad. Only that last half hour was VERY productive. I accomplished in that what normally takes me an hour to 2 hours. So…I went into my preference and set my autosave to every 10 min. I don’t care how annoying it will be to have it autosave that often. To not lose this much work would be worth it. LORDY!