As you may know, I am editing on my home system on this current job. And as you know I copied all of the footage from their D-Raid onto my Popsicle Raid. (If you don’t, scroll down.)

So I will work…edit, render, edit, render. Then I will need to bring the cut into work so that the other editor can see it and make sure we aren’t using the same footage. I need to do the same, so I copy his cut. I also copy all the render files I create for that day. I use a little firewire powered drive to transport the projects (we have separate projects for each editor) and the render files (easy to locate as they are in the specific project render folder) back and forth. I copy everything onto the Raid, and since the name of the RAID and the file structure are exactly the same, the projects open up without having to reconnect.

Any new footage he captures I copy over…and when I do, I label the footage I copied RED. So when I go back into the folders and look for new footage/renders/stills/music…anything that ISN’T red…I grab.

Simple. And it works.