OK…my partner in crime…er, editing…has found a rack mountable drive case. This is the same case that the DR Group must use to make the D-Raid (what the work setup has), because it looks EXACTLY the same. Anyway, it is just a bare chassis, that looks like this:

iStar Rackmount Cases (look at the D-400)

And only costs $185. So that can take the 5 bay SATA docks from say, the same company:

iSTAR Cage

for $135 each…so that….hmmm…means that you will have 10 drives and the Rocket Raid and Tempo controllers only go to 8 connections without getting into port multiplication…soooo…

Use this:

4 Drive Enclosure

For $116…so times two that is $236 plus the chassis which is $135 for $371, just for the chassis and drive trays…no drives….no controller card.

So get one from Sonnet or High Point (all the options I am linking to are direct SATA to SATA and all PCI-X…but PCIe cards are available) and your 500GB Hitachis should now be under $200 each (look at www.otherworldcomputing.com…great deal right now) you should get a fairly cheap SATA Raid. One that is rather Do-it-yourself, but this is how you save money.

As for Port Multlipication…still digging into that.