I have a Kona…

Kona LH to be precise. Sure, I won’t be able to upconvert in SD to HD in real time (something I really need to do for this current project) nor will I be able to cross convert 720p to 1080p when I output (I will always output at a post facility under the watchful eyes of engineers who know HDCAM and D5 decks seeing that I do not) but I will be able do do so many other things. Like output my show with burned in code to a DVD burner instead of taking 8-12 hours burning a DVD. I’ll be able to capture from analoge sources and output TO analoge sources which I have needed to do on small side projects constantly but have been unable due the the HD SDI only outputs I had on my Decklink HD. The decklink has served me well, and still is a very handy card. But my needs are more than it can provide. I think I will put it to work on the otehr G5 I have here in my office.

Who knows…maybe I’ll see about working with HDV footage using the DVCPRO HD settings. Play with other formats of HD for once. I certainly know that I’ll be better equipped to handle the Standard Def projects that I need to tackle. So…WOOT!

Why the Kona LH Shane? Why not a Kona 3 and do ALL that you need to do? Well, mainly…cost. I have a PCI-X G5, and the Kona LH comes in a PCI-X flavor…the Kona 3 is only PCIe. And for me to get another G5 with the amount of RAM I need will set me back another $4000…and I am still paying off the system I have now. No, the LH will serve many other purposes I need to get served. And as I said, for the output of shows I always want to go to post facilities who have smart technical guys who can handle complex decks that cost more than Magnum PI’s Ferrari. They can run the show at this point…I don’t mind.

As for the need to upconvert SD footage to HD…well, that is a GREAT need we have on this show. Much more footage than my little Compressor Droplet can manage, even with multiple machines. We have a LOT of footage to upconvert….you have no idea. I’ll go into that on the next blog entry…this weekend. My wife is out of town (VEGAS!) and I will have the kids…and evenings to myself. Evenings wondering what my wife is up to in Vegas…because I know what I was up to in Vegas. So I will write and write to take my mind off that.