Is freaking fast. Well, fast for file transfers at least. And I hear fast enough for network editing of DV footage…in moderation.

We are under a crunch to get A LOT done in a very short period of time. Another editor was being considered to be brought on board to get more done. The other editor and I proposed that we’d increase our shifts from 9-10 hours to 12 hours (him 7AM-7PM, me 7PM-7AM) to get more done. Another editor would need time to absorb the footage…which there is a lot of. Then they’d have to edit in the same style that the show currently is in…which will take time. So we opted to work more hours.

In hopes of avoiding the vampires hours, I have offered to edit on my system at home…free of charge. This would be so that I too could work during the day. So I brought my machine in so that I could copy the footage from the companies D-Raid to my Popsicle Raid. I will give it the same name to avoid any reconnecting issues. I first tried Target Mode and planned on copying the footage via firewire but realized that only the system drive and secondary internal drive would show up…and drives on a controller card will not mount this way. So I booted normally and connected the machines via Gigabit Ethernet. Then I started copying files. I had 1.35 TB of information to copy over. I thought it would take longer than my shift to do this.

I was wrong.

It took 6 hours. Yep…gigabit ethernet is fast.

We’ll have to figure out a system of exchanging footage we create (Voice Over, DVCPRO HD slow mos, whathaveyou), but I think this will work. I’ll edit the post after I get the machine home, hook it all back up and launch the project. That will be, of course, after I sleep until 2PM. See, THAT is why I want to work days. And while it would be nice to be back in an office setting, there is no room at the company to house my machine.

Oooo…I just checked and it looks like I will get the Kona card I ordered tomorrow. If it arrives before 2PM I will be getting less sleep than I planned on.