The next project I am working on is BLOOD DIAMONDS for The History Channel. This documentary is set to coincide with the release of the Warner Brothers movie BLOOD DIAMOND (with Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou) due out in mid December. They both deal with the topic of the trading of diamonds from war torn countries that enslave the populace and mutilate and murder many more too keep them in line…thus the name “blood” diamond. How big diamond companies like DeBeers accepted diamonds from these countries, turning a blind eye to the attrocities.

I just began cutting this week. Last week I was capturing and familiarizing myself with the footage already in the system. The other editor (we need two due to the short delivery schedule) has been on for a week longer, beginning the capturing process. Again, this show is shot with the Varicam (same DP as my last project, interestingly) and will be edited with Final Cut Pro and output to HDCAM and downconverted to digibeta…same workflow as before. But now I have it down.

So last week I was reviewing footage on the main system in the office while capturing interviews and b-roll on my Powerbook G4. I bought a PCMCIA firewire adaptor and brought in one of my G-Raids. Both of us editors had laptops so we both did this “double duty” because we have a LOT of footage. Again, most of it VHS footage. We transferred it to DVCAM and will uprez later when we lock picture.

Interesting thing to note, is that sound is off sync on these tapes. Most of them are 2 frames off with audio occuring before picture. But I was used to this as it happened on my last show too. I just slipped the audio as I laid down the footage and things matched up. It became such a habit I forgot to mention it. Well, not only does that happen again, but some tapes are off by 7 -10 frames…again, audio hitting early. And it didn’t matter how the footage was captured. On the laptop (where I first noticed it), on the main system (where we re-did the captures thinking the lappy had done something wrong) or with the Kona LH via HD SDI to the Kona DVCPRO HD codec. 7-10 frames consistantly. That is a new one. But, we slip and move on. Can’t pause to figure this out…we have a show to cut and little time to do it.