So after 10 months of working at home I finally return to working at the company that hired me. For months I only had the company of my family in my workplace. Which is a little difficult seeing that then I am around them ALL the time. I much prefer to have other people around to talk to. To be able to get out of my bay and pop into another and have a quick chat. Or to go out to lunch with my co-workers. Phycial face to face contact with other humans. MAN is that necessary. For 10 months the “other bay” was iChat. I would chat with about 5 other people on occasion…all editors. BUT, I didn’t get face time (unless you count Video Chat) and it certainly isn’t lunch out of the office. I would like to stress how necessary it is to be around other people.

So now I finally get that…sort of. I work nights…the second editor on a History Channel show with a very quick delivery date. Being that I work nights means that…well, I am alone in the office. I do get an hour or two of people in the office as they wrap up their work, but then the are gone and I am alone. COMPLETELY ALONE. No wife or kids to pop in and pull me away from my work for a moment or two.

Ah well, at least I get the hour or two of crossover time.