Not long ago I did a tutorial on how to upconvert DV to DVCPRO HD…what settings to use. Well, I figured, I already have the settings, and Compressor makes it very easy to share those settings by allowing us to create Compressor “Droplets,” why not just share them?

So here are two droplets for Compressor 2.1. You will need to be signed into the site first and logged in to access the downloads section. Here is the main site:

And here is the direct link:

DV to DVCPRO HD 720p Droplets

These convert DV to DVCPRO HD 720p24 & DV to DVCPRO HD 720p60.

You will need Compressor 2.1 to be able to do this…and what you do is drag your QT file onto the droplet and release, then click SUBMIT on the window that appears. Then walk away as these will take a while. So it is bet to save them for when you have locked picture and know EXACLTY what footage you will be using.