Next week I begin work on another History Channel show. Different production company, but one I have worked with before. Again, it was shot with the Varicam…interestingly enough the same DP as The Mexican American War, my last gig. It is a two-hour show about the bloody diamond trade in Africa, and we have a VERY short time to cut this. We deliver mid December. Because of the short delivery date there will be two editors on this one. I will be working with a man I know by reputation and from the Apple Discussion boards.

This show will not have the HVX-200 as a B-camera. This one is a classic single camera documentary with no recreations. So current day footage of locations, interviews, and stock footage. Just to make things interesting the stock footage, which is not only standard definition, is all VHS tapes. That’s right…VHS MASTERS! The news organizations in Africa shot VHS field tapes. So this will make for one interesting project…how to incorporate all that footage. How to UPREZ IT!

I love a challenge.