I am taking this 3 week hiatus to hang out with my family, and to do a little something that will make money. This is something I have seen as a need for quite some time. Very often I will se a post on one of the various forums I frequent that deals with people having footage EVERYWHERE and how to they consolidate it into one area. Or how do they organize a project from the start. How do they organize a film project? Multi-station project? What bin structure should they use? What frame rate? What kind of drive should they get to capture to and how do they set it up? How do they back up a project…archive? A SLEW of things that all relate to being organized. And since I started out my career as an Assistant Editor (After managing the vault at AMERICAS FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS) I figured I knew organization since the entire job of the assistant is to organize the project and keep it organized. I assisted on features, narrative TV and tv documentary, so I have several project types to convey.

This is being done thru The Creative Cow (link on the right) and will hopefully be available in December. I am having a dickens of a time recording them. 9 takes for one 5 minute segment. Sheesh.

I hope to make it fun too…and show of just how much of a dork I really am.