OK, the show was kicked back from QC (Quality Check) but for VERY MINOR reasons. Well, minor on my end. First, three instances where pictures “moired,” where tightly grouped lines in line drawings wavered. But they were so minor that the head engineer said to forget that note. The other reasons, one was a closed caption issue (3 words were incorrect and the captions began to slip behind picture and VO halfway thru the show) and an audio issue. The audio issue was that the show wasn’t stereo, but rather mono. That was my fault. I assigned the outputs incorrectly. So the closed caption facility sent in revised captions and I am now laying back the audio properly.

But notice there is a lack of bad levels. That passed with flying colors. So that Quicktime Compression trick worked….nicely.

So a minor setback. Other shows that I have worked on have been kicked back for bigger reasons, and I have had some not get kicked back. But for my first broadcast HD show edited with FCP to have minor issues…is big for me.

As is the comment the colorist who output the show gave to me: “Dude, this looks really good. Nice job.”

The 3-way color corrector is a powerful tool.