The show has finally been output, dubbed and shipped to the network. I am finally done with this show. Well, sort of. I have to back up the P2 footage and project files, After Effects projects and media, Shake scripts and media, finishing paperwork. And I have to keep at least the cut on my drives for we have a spanish language version to do for History Channel en Espanol. Right now I am wiped…and very relieved to have this done. Especially after three weeks of 16-18 hour days, thru weekends. So I will type up at least a bit of my finishing workflow. I can’t give up TOO much, as I do need to have the crutial information close to my chest, as I do consult for money. As does Larry Jordan and Mike Curtis, so I cannot just let information out. But I will lay out a general idea of how things went.

Pretty slick really.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to remind my daughters who I am.