I tell you I have the WORSE luck with equipment. First my G4 right out to the box has problems (logic board)…then my G5 had a kernal panic everytime I turned it on (bad processor)…iBook had issues later in life (logicboard replaced 3 times…known apple issue)…then I couldn’t get the Tascam mixer to work properly.

Now, it is the new 14L5 monitor.

When it arrived I unpacked it and set it up and pulled out the optional HD SDI board…and…noticed…that…it…came…with…hmm. What is that? A small circuit board with the letter M on it. OK…well…OK. I take off the back plates and install the card (following the manual, but skipping one line) and then I connected it to my Decklink HD and turned it on. It was nice. I got a TV signal to it, and a DV signal to it…but the optional card button on the monitor wasn’t activating. I go back to the manual…and find the line I skimmed. “Before you install your BKM-blah blah you must first replace the M-Board in the monitor with the one provided. Contact your local Sony repair facility.”

Ah. The little board did have an M on it.

So I contacted Sony and drove the monitor to the Glendale facility and they swapped out the cards and installed the board…for free. Warranty and all. Sweet.
I bring it home and plug it into the Decklink…and I cannot get an HD signal to the monitor. The Decklink is only sending out an SD signal. I know it works for a buddy of mine tested it at his place of employment and it worked fine…HD and all. But It wasn’t working for me. I called him for advice and he suggested that I reseat the card. So I did one better and swapped slots. Then I went to turn on the monitor and…nothing.

No power light…no power…nada. Sigh.

Back to Sony it went. So it will get repaired, but what is up with that card? It works on all manchines BUT mine. Hmmmm.