One issue with using any internal SATA, or external firewire drive (400 and 800) is that after a while of non-use, they will spin down. This can cause big problems when you are trying to edit. If you are using media from one drive in one part of your timeline, it will be up and running. But say you have enough footage to require two or more drives…if you don’t access the media from the other drives for a while, they will spin down. So when you are playing your timeline and then hit that piece of media, your timeline will stop dead, and wait for the other drive to spin up…the spinning beachball will appear and then the message that one or more frames were dropped.

This can be a HUGE pain in the ass.

But there is a simple fix. A small application that is really just an Applescript that tells your drives to not spin down while they are connected to the computer and it is on. It is called Spindownfix and can be downloaded for free at

Speaking of free downloads, it would be advisable to also get FCP RESCUE. If your preferences ever get corrupt (which is opt to happen with FCP) you use this to trash all the appropriate files. You can also use this to back up your preferences and custom keyboard layout so that when you need to trash your preferences you can then restore the backup set and have all your settings..

FCP Rescue