In using the DVCPRO HD Frame Rate Converter, I know have a piece of media that does not originate from tape. I plan on doing this quite a bit, and will end up with a bit of footage that did not originate from tape. This will be problematic if I ever need to revisit a cut at a later date, which has been known to happen. Or if a drive fails and I need to re-capture.

I also need to get this footage to my producer, who is keeping a duplicate set of all the media on his own set of G-Raids, so that when I send him a cut (project file, XML) then all he has to do is re-link. So here’s what I’m gonna do:

I’m gonna use the converter to convert the footage as I laid out in the previous post, and I am going to store them in a folder on the scratch drive called CONVERTED FOOTAGE. I will then back up this footage to either DVD as data files, or to another portable hard drive, and send them to my producer so that he can put the footage on his system. I need to get him other files as well, such as the temp music files I imported from soundtracks and from the composer.

Eventually that footage will reside on a back up drive with all the other graphics, music, stills and any other element we use in the show that doesn’t come on tape.