NOT AN ISSUE reports ( that several people have complained of dropped frames when using the Dell 2405 24″ widescreen monitor. Apple reports ( that monitors with a refresh rate of 60 Hz cause dropped frames, but don’t mention what models. Since the Dell when connected to a Mac only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz…this could be an issue.

I have yet to suffer any problems with this, and the other two editors I know with this monitor also have no problems. So it must be intermitted.

UPDATE 1/18/05

I e-mailed the webmaster at barefeats and he stated that he had only one well documented occurance of this issue, and that the person in question was able to solve the issue by lowering the resolution and switching to 75hz. But I suspect it is the monitor in conjunction with something else, because I have heard from 20+ owners of the Dell 2405 who also edit with FCP and not one of them suffer the same issue…me included, and I have two.

Not to brag or anything.