When I went to NAB and worked the Panasonic booth, I noticed something that got me excited.

A P2 viewer for the Macintosh.

Now let me start off by telling you that the software that comes bundled with the camera includes a P2 Viewer…for a PC…running Windows. Now this was all fine and dandy when we had our PC laptop on the set, but what about when we had the Powerbook? What about all those other people who only have a powerbook for their location shoots? Now they have a solution.

This is a pre-existing program called HD LOG, written by Imagine Products, that they had dubbed the P2 Viewer for Macintosh. This application is not just a viewer. Oh my no. It is a full media logging application. This is why they decided to change the name of the product to better reflect that. It is called the P2 MEDIA MANAGER. It can not only view the raw MXF files, but convert them to Quicktime files that FCP can then start editing with.

OK…enough with the tease. I will be receiving a copy soon to test and review and I will reveal more in depth detail at that time.