The man who invented the single most helpful Final Cut Pro tool (FCP Rescue) is at it again.

Born from frustration on importing footage from multiple P2 cards, and all the organization and preparation you need to do in advance, or on the set (where mistakes can happen), he has written a handy application (still in beta testing) called the P2 Genie. It, like FCP Rescue, is simply a script…but it is a mighty helpful one (I love simplicity).

What this does for you is automatically creates a folder, names it (you can preset the name (but keep them short, like 1 and 2 or A3, B4…etc), set your destination (like attached firewire or USB drive) and downloads the entire contents of the card to that folder (CONTENTS and LASTCLIP.TXT) with the press of a button. Open the application…insert card…set the naming scheme, press START BACKUP…done. I’ve tested it a couple times and man, this is a timesaver.

Way to go Anders!

Now he has suggested that he offer it for a price of $25…and many people have cried foul. Why? He spent good time working on this and it is a great tool. He should be compensated for his time, and $25 is a very small price to pay. I mean, hey, the man offered FCP Rescue for free. I would gladly have paid $5 or $10 for this app, but he offered it for free.