Anders Holck, the man who saved many of our editing lives by coming out with FCP Rescue has done it again…this time for the users of the HVX-200 camera and the P2 cards. He has written an application that will automate the process of copying the footage off of the cards and onto an external hard drive. This handy application is called the P2 Genie.

It will create a new folder (with the naming parameters you set) and then copy the entire CONTENTS folder and LASTCLIP.txt file to that folder, ensuring that absolutely everything is copied over.

Now you can have it set up so that you can manually start the downloading process, or set it up so that you stick in a card and it does the whole process on it’s own. Download and erase without pressing a button. I myself would opt for the manual pressing of a couple buttons so that you can verify that the footage is indeed there, but after 5 cards transferred successfully without a hitch, I could find myself trusting the automation.

AND…if you are extra cautious…it will dowload to TWO drives separately. This way you have a master and backup.

Unlike FCP Rescue, this application costs a little bit of money. $33 (25.00 Euros). Well deserved…and well worth it.