On Tuesday, October 18, the final two items for my offline system arrived: My second Dell 2405 24: LCD monitor (this time I was able to get in on the 35% discount so I got it for $855 shipped) and my second G-Raid 500GB drive (this one is black). A while ago I also added a Behringer UB1204Pro mixer, mainly for monitoring audio from my computer so I don’t have to adjust the computer volume, and to monitor the audio from the DSR-11 deck…and my TV receiver. Oh, and I hope to be able to use it for temp VO by attaching a mic to it and routing that thru my DSR-11.

One thing that is cool with this setup is the ability to use the second Dell as a reference monitor by using Digital Cinema Desktop. The HD image looks crisp on that. I know that it would be much better with the Kona LH and the HD Link, but it is nice to be able to see the image nice and big.

And I have been playing more with Magic Bullet for color correction, taking the base filter with no settings and making adjustments. Interesting, but it gives good results. I have also been playing with a demo of Color Finesse and OH MY GOD that is a good color corrector. I am trying to get similar results from the 3-way Color Corrector, and not quite able to pull it off. I figure with a bit more tweaking I can do it. Let me do some more playing and then I will post my results with new footage my DP sent.

And I am still trying to figure out what to do about the non-drop frame issue. Even the footage that was captured at 23;98, when added to a timeline the timeline runs at non-drop. From the first footage I captured, some of the 720p30 was captured at 29.97 for some reason, even though the Easy Setup was for 59.94 (dunno why that happened really). If I trop that 29.97 footage into a 29.97 timeline, the 29.97 timeline is drop frame. Why is it that THAT timeline is drop frame, but a 23.98 or 59.94 timeline isn’t? And how do I cut a show to time with non-drop code?