I am off to Vegas on Sunday (almost misspelled it Sinday…appropriate I think) to the National Alliance of Broadcasters convention. This is my first time going. It started out as me just going to see what is there and meet people I have chatted with online over the years, but it has turned into a job working the Panasonic Booth and demonstrating the P2/FCP workflow. I work Monday and Tuesday from 9a-6p, and have a conference to go to on Monday night, Tuesday night and Wed Night. Wed day and Thurs day are my days to enjoy the floor, research what is out there…and get lost in the technological critical mass of information overload.

If my hotel has wireless (or I find a hotspot or two) I will report findings that interest me and the projects I am working on. I plan on going to the Color Finesse booth, as they just released a new stand-alone color correction app that takes an XML from FCP and opens all the clips independantly for color correction, then exports them back. I plan on seeing what RED is all about (and meet Graeme Nattress and Mike Curtis), Going to the AJA Booth and see Jon Thorne, the Artbeats booth for Jerry Hofmann, the Apple Booth for my buddy TJ Ryan (a colorist and HD guru), the Automatic Duck booth to meet Wes Plate and much much more.

I have a feeling that by the time this is all over, I will have a big hangover, lots of embarassing pictures and my head would have exploded with information overload.

Hope to see people there. Again, I will be working the Panasonic booth.