A week of logging, capturing and organizing dailies.

I am glad that my producer said, as he dumped a load of footage at my feet, “Take this week to review this, and let me know if there is anything you feel you are missing. We have another shoot this weekend,” because that is how long it took me to log, capture, view, label and organize the stuff. It was a three camera shoot, so there was a lot of footage. More cannon footage that I can shake a stick at. All three cameras at different angles of a cannon firing so that we can then make it three cannons. And they did a LOT of cannon firing. Good…I’ll need it. There was a lot of cannon fire in the Mexican American War.

My goodness this was a lot of footage. And I foolishly requested that they shoot time of day code…in case I wanted to sync up the shots. When would I ever do that? That made capturing this footage very difficult. Because of the cannon fire, there wasn’t a lot of pre-roll, so logging and capturing was out of the question. I ended up pre-labelling the clip and hitting CAPTURE NOW, and catching it as the timecode break hit. This did allow me to view the footage, and label it as I went, but I like to log and capture and then let it go as I watch it, or answer the occasional e-mail. Never again will I ask for time of day code. Dumb dumb dumb. They are shooting more again this weekend, and asked if I wanted time of day…this time I requested REC RUN code. Never again man.

Beautiful footage. They shot a lot of 60fps stuff for me to slow-mo with the frame rate converter, and a bit of green screening for compositing. I can’t wait to start digging in…but after another weekend of shooting, I feel I have another week of dailies to sort thru.