Magic Bullet vs Nattress vs Color Finesse

(Again, sorry…all the video is offline)

(Quicktime 7 required) Again, this is using DVCPRO HD footage running at 720p24.

I still have to try my had at Nattress when it comes to color correcting, but for now I did a comparison between Final Cut Pro’s native 3-Way Color Corrector, Magic Bullet (using a preset and adjusting it) and a demo of Synthetic Aperture’s Color Finesse.

I really like Color Finesse. It has the controls I am used to finding on an Avid Symphony, the machine I learned how to color correct on. But I was able to get desirable results from the 3-way and Magic Bullet plugins as well.

The first test is the comparison. The scene looks decent, albeit a little hazy. Each one of the plugins cut thru that haze and brought out the colors. The 3-way color corrector to a lesser degree, but it did wonders. The MB and Color Finesse seemed to cut thru the haze a bit more, and really brought out the blues and greens. CF was a bit bright with the greens and blues, but I was aiming for that, too see how much I could bring them out.

The next test is mainly just showing the power of the native 3-way color corrector. It can do wonders too.