Let this be a lesson to all…DON’T BUY REFIRBISHED COMPUTERS. Just like a used car, you are inheriting someone else’s problem.

I got a call yesterday from the Apple Reseller Shop saying that they just got a new logicboard from Apple and installed it in my system. Then they asked what I was doing when the computer crashed, so they could replicate it. I told them I was installing software. But they didn’t want to install software on my machine. I said to them “Just install iLife…it is something I have at home anyway, and something that I tried to install that caused it to crash.” but they didn’t have a copy to install from…and they didn’t want to install anything else. I suggested that they reinstall the system software, but they balked. The tech said “I will install all the updates and see how things go.”

I mean, how half-assed is that? They aren’t testing the system! That is probably how Apple tests the system when they get it back…just click the mouse a few times and if it works, box it up. So I picked it up and brought it home and prepared to do an install myself.

I wanted to have both Operating systems on my computer…make it dual boot to Panther (10.3) and Tiger (10.4) so that I could run both FCP 4.5 and FCP 5…in case FCP 5 started having problems, and so I could revisit old projects in FCP 4.5 if needed. I partitioned the hard drive (which I noticed was a Maxtor…which makes me nervous…and wonder if THAT might not be the culprit) into two partitions, one 120GB and the other 50GB…the smaller for Panther as I only intend to keep the OS and a few choice applications on it. The bigger partition will store my music and movie files and pictures. After partitioning I began to install the G5 install disks that came with the computer…OSX 10.3. It froze. Not once, but after four attempts. And because my kids insisted on going swimming (who could blame them, it was 104 today) I had to put it aside until tomorrow and splash and play my anxieties away.

So…I am beginning to wonder if it isn’t that Maxtor drive. I might see what happens if I try to install the OS on my G-RAID. If it is successful, I will install iLife and After Effects and Photoshop as tests. If it still works…then I will know it is that darn hard drive. If it doesn’t, then I will probably be calling Apple and tell them they just need to take it back, and I will have to spend another $1000 and get a Dual 2.5 G5.

Oh, and no update on the Kona 2 test system from Apple. My guess is that it is still in the shop…and that the last guy REALLY broke it.

I need good news…soon. Or I need another dip in the pool.