We will be shooting with the Panasonic Varicam at 720p24…24P footage…so as I understand it we won’t really have to run the footage thru any sort of “film look” process. The film look process is better suited for footage that was shot 30i or 60i…interlaced.

What I am really after for this project is the ability to color correct the footage and apply gamma curves to make it have the color of film stocks. Look as if it were shot on film. I also have the want/need/desire to make the footage look a little old as the recreations take place in the 1800’s. Not that I want it to look like a silent film, but something other than a video shoot, and not like a Hollywood film.

I will be testing two plugin sets: Film Effects from www.nattress.com ($100) and the Magic Bullet for Edtiors film effects (www.redgiantsoftware.com – $299). I will show the sample clip in it’s original state, then two examples of coloring from each set. I will encode it H.264 (sorry QT 6.5 guys) and post my results.

I know…render times will be a BITCH.