Ahh….the artifacting is in the source footage.

Right when I noticed that the artifacts I found during the tests was in the original footage, Graeme e-mailed me and said that he found the same thing.

I looked at the footage in Digital Cinema Preview and barely saw them, but I saw them. Then I looked at the original source tapes on an HD monitor, and saw them. So they are on the source footage. Part of the DVCPRO HD codec.

Now these tests I have been running have been linked to on HD For Indies, an HD Blog that I highly respect and read daily. Graeme posted a comment there that I’d like to share, as it pertains to these artifacts:

“Unfortuneately(sic), the artifacts are in the original DVCProHD footage, in the luma, just below the threshold of visibility. Almost anything you do to process the footage will make them visible, especially removing the chroma which masks the artifacts, and by it’s very nature bleach bypass will desaturate the video.

I’m going to look at some de-artifacting solutions, but my guess is these artifacts would show up no matter what is doing the colour correcting, as the artifacts are in the footage, just waiting to be discovered.


We intend to do more testing, including adding the plugins to footage that has been upconverted to 8-bit or 10-bit uncompressed HD.

Coming soon.